• Finding, Funding and Fostering Promising Cleantech Startups

    Cleantech Open, a leading force for identifying and accelerating clean technology entrepreneurs, convened the 2018 Global Forum at the La Kretz Innovation Campus in Los Angeles, CA. CapstreamX founder and Managing Director, Grant Draper participated in the final selection process for the US National Winner – Inovues – awarded the $50,000 Grand Prize.

  • Featured Entrepreneur to Untie the Nuclear Knot for the 2-degree Challenge

    Simon NYT Screen Grab
    Co-Founder and CEO, Simon Irish, participated as a feature entrepreneur, at the New York Times’ ClimateTECH Summit presenting on Terrestrial Energy’s exciting advanced nuclear reactor design technologies for global influencers, including Times journalists.

  • Advanced Nuclear Finds a More Welcome Home in Canada

    Terrestrial Energy “industry first” milestone recognized in leading science and technology and global news outlets, including MIT Tech Review. Terrestrial Energy’s completion of a pre-licensing design review with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission gives the company an early lead in the race to build the first fleet of its Integral Molten Salt Reactors.

  • 2017 Food Leaders Summit @The Presidio

    Agralogics NEW
    Agralogics, an agriculture-focused data science technology integrator, convened food enterprise companies and growers from California to learn more about how Silicon Valley is enabling context rich food information that is helping us save the Planet.

  • Climate Week NYC – Decarbonizing has become big business

    Climate Week NYC
    Climate Week NYC brings together business, government, NGO and thought-leaders to form partnerships, advance organizational goals to reduce emissions and facilitate introductions to influencers in the climate change marketplace. 2017 saw unprecedented international media coverage, high-level speakers and attendees from around the world, and 140 affiliate events.

  • Delivering a Big Idea – 80×50 – for a Global Audience


    The most memorable and impactful presentations are from speakers that communicate exactly where they are going and provide audiences with what they really, really want – one compelling thing to know, feel or do.   In July 2017, Grant Draper presented on solving for 80×50 deep decarbonization at the Future of Energy Forum during EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

  • Trade Media Publishes Updates on Funding and Continued Work


    Brillouin Energy has been working on its low energy nuclear reaction devices (LENR) aka cold fusion for the last eight years. has covered them during the course of their R&D and was eager to provide their readers with the latest updates on the company’s progress to-date.

  • Shaping the Conversation at the Sun Valley Forum on Resilience

    Sumer Johal, founder and CEO of Agralogics, an agriculture-focused data science technology integrator, presented on how Silicon Valley is enabling Central Valley California growers to provide their customers with context rich food information that is helping us save the planet.

  • Business Development Efforts Attract US Strategic Partnership Opportunities

    Carbon CEEnergy
    Prospective customer project introductions for a German-based renewable biogas plasma technology company have led to interest from US municipal utility districts, agricultural processors and investors.

  • Clean Energy Investor Networking

    Terrestrial Energy
    CapstreamX is leading pre-marketing efforts for Terrestrial Energy’s Series B round facilitating key introductions to influencer audiences focused on sustainable investment opportunities in clean energy.

  • Low-cost Clean Energy Developer Brillouin Energy Secures $7.75 Million in Series B Financing

    Brillouin Energy, a developer of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) core designs, has secured $7.75 million in Series B financing to support its R&D, independent testing and product engineering.

  • Global Financial News Outlet Covers Clean Energy LENR Solution Provider

    Mergermarket Mark (Squared)
    Mergerstat, the global financial news media outlet covers Brillouin Energy’s announcement that it is looking to raise $15 million in equity financing in the company’s Series C offering.

  • LENRaries – LENR Investing Report 2017

    Conception and development of ground-breaking clean energy investor report – LENRaries – for Menlo Park, CA-based Anthropocene Institute.  The LENRaries report identifies over 100 entities actively engaged in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) discovery and development.

  • Positioning Sets A Company Apart From Its Competitors

    Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 1.42.40 PM
    What sets a company apart is positioning in its marketplace.  Every growth-stage company can benefit from being talked about as a leader among their peers.  CapstreamX assisted in helping position Terrestrial Energy as a leader among its peers in a feature story in the January 2017 issue of Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

  • Direct-to-Camera 1-on-1 Videos Are Useful For Introducing A Company

    Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 1.40.48 PM
    When you are introducing your business to a new audience of sustainability focused investors it is important to communicate your contribution clearly, concisely and be memorable.  CapstreamX worked to help prepare Terrestrial Energy CEO Simon Irish to participate in the 2016 UN Sustainable Investment Forum in New York.

  • Stanford’s Energy360 Lecture Series: Advanced Nuclear

    CapstreamX organizes speaking opportunities to raise awareness and enthusiasm for our clients. In October, we organized a distinguished panel of CEOs and CNOs at Stanford University for its Energy 360 Lecture Series featuring industry leader Terrestrial Energy Co-Founder and CEO, Simon Irish.

  • Markets Deep Dive: Nuclear energy’s nadir and potential rebirth

    Terrestrial Energy Co-Founder and CEO, Simon Irish is leading a discussion on how a new generation of EPR is reviving nuclear’s trajectory in Europe at Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s EMEA Summit in London.

  • Advanced Nuclear Developer Secures $20 million in Series A Financing

    Terrestrial Energy
    Terrestrial Energy, a developer of Advanced Nuclear power plants, has secured C$20 Million in Series A financing to support its pre-construction and pre-licensing engineering and further engagement with industry, governments and nuclear regulators.

  • Silicon Valley Start-up Developing Ultra-clean, Low-cost Renewable Energy Technologies

    Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 5.28.30 PM
    Telling a company’s story often has many twists and turns and producing an introductory corporate video can be even more challenging. CapstreamX crafted an approach that communicates a compelling company message for prospective investors in Brillouin Energy.
  • Development of Messaging & Positioning Attracts Strategic Partnerships

    Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 6.16.14 PM
    Messaging developed for a Silicon Valley start-up with disruptive smartphone and EV battery designs and manufacturing processes has led to interest from global original equipment manufacturers in the automotive and mobility storage markets.
  • Fortune Magazine Declares IMSR As Solution To Climate Change

    Fortune Magazine named Terrestrial Energy’s IMSR fourth generation nuclear reactor design as a key component in the $10 Billion solution for averting the climate crisis.
  • Challenging Stakeholders At Fortune Magazine’s Brainstorm E

    Terrestrial Energy is presenting to CEOs, senior execs, investors, policy makers, environmentalists and thought leaders on why next generation advanced nuclear technology is moving center stage at this year’s Brainstorm E: Where Energy, Technology, and Sustainability Meet.
  • Exposure In International Mainstream Media Boosts Business Momentum

    Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.41.13 PM
    Disseminating Brillouin Energy’s success in researching and developing its low-energy-nuclear-reaction (LENR) prototypes to global audiences helps to validate the Company’s claim that it is developing breakthrough LENR products.
  • Development of Website Content and Messaging

    Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.49.14 PM
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture Office of the Chief Economist is looking to increase awareness of the efforts of its 33 agencies and offices to fight food waste through policy, research and community partnerships.
  • Small Modular Reactor Startup With Molten Salt Nuclear Design Wins $8M in Funding

    Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 8.27.15 PM
    Nuclear reactor development company, Terrestrial Energy leveraged a funding announcement to help awaken interest in new advanced generation-IV companies.
  • Driving Awareness of Integral Molten Salt Reactor Helps Lead To Funding Success

    Messaging on nuclear energy is always challenging to get right and especially so when pitching media to cover individual company milestones as indicative of growing interest from private investors in low-carbon energy technologies.
  • Brillouin Energy Produces 4x LENR Power With WET™ and HHT™ Boiler Systems

    Disseminating a 35-page third party peer-reviewed technical validation report to interested parties enables Brillouin Energy to present its significant progress towards the commercialization of LENR technologies.
  • Shaping The Conversation At The Advanced Nuclear Summit

    Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 8.23.46 PM
    Leading a panel discussion on advanced reactor concepts at the Advanced Nuclear Summit in Washington, DC provides an excellent opportunity for Terrestrial Energy Co-Founder and CEO, Simon Irish to reach leading policymakers and advanced nuclear leaders.
  • Congress Views LENR Wet™ WET™ and HHT™ Boiler Systems for Generating Thermal Energy

    Brillouin Energy
    Building greater awareness of Brillouin Energy “fuel-free” LENR technologies among influential stakeholders on Capitol Hill positions the company for positive business momentum.
  • Development of Infographic Messaging Campaign

    An advanced generation nuclear energy company, Terrestrial Energy was looking to increase awareness of its Integral Molten Salt Reactor by communicating the IMSR’s potential to solve our energy trilemma in a visually compelling inforgraphic format.
  • Corporate Branding, Messaging and Website Content

    Brillouin Energy
    A clean technology company, Brillouin Energy is looking to capitalize on its latest technological breakthroughs with a new branding, messaging and website campaign to build positive momentum with stakeholders.
  • Media Exposure In Trade Pubs Builds Business Momentum

    Terrestrial Energy
    Disseminating Terrestrial Energy’s strategy to US industry audiences helps to validate the Company’s competitive advantages of an attractive regulatory pathway for MSR deployment in Canada.
  • Executive Media Placement – E&E TV’s OnPoint

    Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.23.28 PM
    Disseminating Conergy’s turnaround and growth strategy message with US and global audiences via a Washington, DC insider media channel is an effective tactic for engaging with future clients and solar and renewable energy journalists in markets outside the US.
  • A Chain Reaction: The Role Of Nuclear Energy in New England

    Terrestrial Energy Co-Founder and CEO, Simon Irish led a discussion on how “new nuclear” energy can play an essential role in reducing CO2 emissions in New England for the 21st century. Terrestrial Energy’s Irish is an industry and policy expert and he regularly engages in spirited conversations on the most important questions.
  • Grant Draper Launches CapstreamX

    CapstreamX came about from talking with many influencers and prominent journalists covering the energy, agriculture and technology sectors. In today’s converging (paid, earned and owned) media world, integrating advanced analytics with digital-focused strategies can be a powerful springboard for generating business momentum and establishing a foundation for competitive advantage.
  • Resurrecting a Meltdown-Proof Integral Molten Salt Reactor

    Terrestrial Energy
    Positioning Terrestrial Energy’s narrative for a global energy media audience meant familiarizing them with the successful of operation of Oak Ridge National Laboratories molten-salt reactor. Building on ORNL’s success is a powerful validator for introducing a new advanced nuclear SMR technology company that promises to make nuclear power cleaner and safer, and therefore more competitive with fossil fuels.
  • Silicon Valley AgTech Incubator Launch

    Royse Law Incubator
    With hundreds start-up business accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces popping up across America, positioning Royse Law’s AgTech Incubator as a category leader in attracting and connecting technology entrepreneurs with stakeholders in agriculture and food production.

CapstreamX leverages its experience and expertise on behalf of clients in the energy, agricultural and technology sectors, including many start-ups that cut across and combine markets in each of these critical resource sectors. If you’re interested to learn how CapstreamX can help your organization thrive, click here to connect with us.