Building creative, emotionally engaging communication efforts can be powerful springboards for generating business momentum and enhancing future enterprise value.

At CapstreamX, we help clients craft their stories into coherent narratives that stimulate conversations and build positive brand perceptions across their most relevant core audiences. Our approach relies on a clear understanding of the contexts and motivating factors for each audience segment.

CapstreamX is a communications, advertising, branding and PR marketing advisory firm focused on serving companies engaged in the world’s critical resource sectors of food, energy and technology. We advise companies, big and small, including Fortune 500s and national and international non-governmental organizations. Our founding managing director, Grant Draper has been an entrepreneur, investor, director and executive for publicly-listed and privately held companies. Prior to CapstreamX, Mr. Draper co-founded a natural resource exploration and production company and led FTI Consulting’s corporate sustainability communications practice, FD Element.

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